5/16/20  Even with a page listed as private I still get pestered at, so I will be posting on this page everything related to JUNKIE AND PROUD! releases as well as my project updates from now on... I will also be keeping the JUNKIE AND PROUD! Youtube channel open to promote songs on upcoming releases. If you want to contact me just use email: junkieandproudlabel@gmail.com  I will only be answering questions related to music, unless I already know you.

5/26/20   An important reminder, that all international orders (outside the US) shipping prices are Very Expensive and always worth way more than the actual tape... I also cannot receive tracking codes for any international orders.


6 / 30 / 20 :  INFLUENCE.CONTROL — SELF-ABUSE released today.

6 / 28 / 20:  JUNKIE WITCH - TRIP UNDER THE MELTING STARS Demo 3 will be released in the  July batch of JEMS Label: https://jemslabel.bigcartel.com/

6 / 24 / 20 :  Upcoming through J.A.P. and JEMS Label is a JUNKIE WITCH Longsleeve and JUNKIE WITCH - TRIP UNDER THE MELTING STARS Demo 3 tape. https://jemslabel.bigcartel.com/

I am still waiting on the INFLUENCE.CONTROL j-cards to deliver as now I find there are "not enough people" working within the post offices to deliver things sooner.

6 / 17 / 20 :  Now available through NARBENTAGE: ZIEGFINSTERNIS - BLØD ØV SATANAS ( https://narbentage.bandcamp.com/album/bl-d-v-satanas ) and DRUG DARKNESS / BLACK PARALYSIS SPLIT. ( https://narbentage.bandcamp.com/album/drug-darkness-black-paralysis )

6 / 7 / 20 : JUNKIE WITCH / NOISE NAZI - SPLIT DRUGS CDs limited to 20 available on Friday 6 / 12 through JEMSLabel. https://jemslabel.bigcartel.com/product/junkie-witch-noise-nazi-split-cd

5 / 26 / 20 :  HERGANDROM - FOG OVERWHELMING THE VOID tape now available through NARBENTAGE: https://narbentage.bandcamp.com/album/fog-overwhelming-the-void

5 / 25 / 20 :  JUNKIE WITCH / NOISE NAZI — SPLIT DRUGS Tape repress and CD in the works coming soon through JEMS Label.  jemslabel.bigcartel.com 

5 / 25 / 20 :  I have managed to fix the tape issue already so I am back to recording the INFLUENCE.CONTROL - SELF-ABUSE tapes. 

5 / 25 / 20 :  I have recorded so far about 17 tapes of the INFLUENCE.CONTROL Demo. I will receive the j-cards in about two weeks. My tape player that can record onto tapes has a tape stuck so until I can either get it out or buy a new one, the tape recording is on hold. I will keep updates here on the information regarding the recording process.

5/16/20 :  As of right now, any day I will have the supplies to start recording the INFLUENCE.CONTROL - SELF-ABUSE Demo 1 tapes.

JUNKIE WITCH / COSMIC WEAPON OF THULE CDs will eventually be available through WINTER SOLACE. He will also soon have ZIEGFINSTERNIS - TOTAL FUCKING GOAT DARKNESS Demo 1 tape represses.

NIGHTBLOOD tapes of the first two demos UNHOLY NIGHT and HAMMER OV MEDIEVAL MIGHT will be released in June and the other in August through ASYLUM TENEBRIS and HATEWORK PROPAGANDA.

HEROIN MAKES HAPPY / JUNKIE WITCH / DRUG DARKNESS artwork is almost complete which would then be sent to the pressing plant. The tapes will be released by NARBENTAGE PRODUKTIONEN. He will also be releasing HERGANDROM - FOG OVERWHELMING THE VOID tapes in June. And in the future he will also release a new split BLACK PARALYSIS / DRUG DARKNESS.